Welcome to Multistage

The multistage project's purpose is to provide flexible, customizable and open source software for conducting economics and other social science experiments. Multistage is a client-server system, with both the client and server being written in Java, to provide cross-platform flexibility.

Multistage is a modular platform, designed initially to deal with a broad class of games, where the stages may be determined by players' play and/or random events. A variety of scenarios for matching players into games are supported. The game plugins system highly flexible with the almost no restrictions on the project structure, allowing for implementation in any development environment. The underlying network communication is handled transparently. Many specialized game plugins are available, each customizable through configuration files without modifying the source code.

You are invited to use the software, to modify the software, and to ‚Äčcommunicate to us how you would like to see development proceed.

  1. Features
  2. User Guide
  3. Developer Guide
  4. Tutorial on Writing a New Game Plugin
  5. Installation Guide
  6. Matching Service
  8. Team Page
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