Installation Guide

System Requirements

To build and use Multistage, you must have the Java 1.8 JDK installed on your system. The modern java installers also define the JAVA_HOME environment variable and install java in the system path. To check to see if you have java installed:

  1. Open a Windows Command Prompt, and type: 'java -version', at the shell prompt. If you see a message similar to "java version "1.8.0_31", that means you have java installed.

Installation and Configuration:

Follow these steps prior to running Multistage for the first time:

  1. To specify log directories and other log details, you must modify the 'conf/' file for server-side and 'conf/' for client side.
  2. To specify the IP address of the multistage server, you must modify the 'conf/' file where it says "defaultHost=". (Example: defaultHost =
  3. To specify where the clients store persistence information for reauthentication, you must modify the 'conf/' file to set the 'serializePath' parameter value to a directory where the client has permission to write.

Running Multistage

Run "server-multistage.bat", or "client-multistage.bat" from the /bin directory in the installed Multistage directory.

A more detailed guide to running multistage can be found in the User Guide.


  1. "When I run 'client-multistage.bat' there are several log4j errors even though the client seems to work fine after."

Make sure that all log details are configured correctly in the 'conf/'. (i.e. double check all file paths)

  1. "When I run 'client-multistage.bat' the login window appears but I cannot edit any or some of the fields."

Most likely testing mode is enabled in the '/conf/' file.

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